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  1. Cobia Adventure
  2. Technical Spearfishing Instruction
  3. Curious about Your Profiles
  4. Shark Shield Works Again!
  5. What is Technical Spearfishing?
  6. ??? Rebreather Training ???
  7. Single tank or Double
  8. Trimix Computer for Spearfishing
  9. Helitrox Class, Thanks alot
  10. Lower keys Tech Instruction
  11. Deep Grouper and Hog Hunting
  12. I Technicaly shot this AJ
  13. GUE Decompression Video
  14. i techically dove the mulliphen
  15. "The Wreck of the Ande... a tech spearfishing experiment - minimum vs maximum gear."
  16. Tech specs on the trimix Holsten wreck dive.
  17. Deco Stop Pics
  18. How do I convert LoranC
  19. Technical diving Training questions.
  20. Blue Water Hunting – on Tech Scuba
  21. Barney's cool technical gear!
  22. Introducing the “Technical Playground”
  23. Had to pass this on...Is it Crap ?!!
  24. Deep diving report (Virgin wreck diving)
  25. Diving Deep
  26. Man my computer sucks
  27. What computer to buy?
  28. $500 Scholarship for Female Tech Divers
  29. GPS help?
  30. OMS double mainfold w/ isolator
  31. oxygen analyzer needed
  32. Helium Grades
  33. starting to get my qual?
  34. Technical Air Cell
  35. SpearMax Shark Encounter - Bullsharks steal my cobia!
  36. I just finished My Deep Tec
  37. SpearMax shoots Pargo!
  38. SpearMax - First Blood! – Very Deep!
  39. Why do we use Helium.?
  40. tinted mask
  41. Any interest in adv nitrox/deco/helitrox
  42. SpearMax - Lost at sea after walking the Razor's Edge!
  43. SpearMax – Max Depth = Actual Depth!
  44. Spearmax - Shark Shields Don't Work on Big Moray Eels!
  45. Inletsurf and Puncture Wound stare at limestone at 170 feet
  46. Deep Chit! - Strange Algae at 210 feet
  47. Technical regulator question
  48. Multi-Gas computer/ Helitrox
  49. What Cannister Hid Light Do You Guys Reccomend?
  50. Wing/Backplate vs. Zeagle Ranger
  51. Diving with AUE-Mike - Amazing!
  52. Deep diving on regular air
  53. Technical trainning
  54. First Trimix Kill on Deep Wreck
  55. SpearMax - Fishy Labor on Labor Day!
  56. Tavernier Deeo reports
  57. How deep can u go
  58. How to quickly clean a tuna...
  59. Pony install on BP/W
  60. Christmas holiday tech dives - the good, the bad and the ugly!
  61. Ringing in the 2008 New Year - deep + dark + vampire teeth!
  62. 120 cf tanks, advice please!
  63. 1st Dry Suit
  64. what dive tables do you use?
  65. DCS? Advice please
  66. nitrogen narcosis
  67. Personal dive computers
  68. diving death 0_o
  69. can you take a tank on a low flying plane?
  70. H-valves
  71. New USN Dive tables and Manual
  72. floatline and scuba???
  73. Couplers (hose)
  74. couple of questions?
  75. 7mm wetsuit recommendations?
  76. What regulator 2nd Stage do you use?
  77. Why DIN Valves?
  78. going deeper
  79. Rigging 30cu pony bottle.
  80. Dive Rite 2 Gas Computer
  81. How deep on air?
  82. Technical Spearfishing Bitch thread - Put it up or shut it up!
  83. High PO2 Hits - Tell us your story
  84. Tech Instuctor wants to make a deal
  85. Technical spearfishing tips
  86. Check this out!!
  87. Trimix fill prices?
  88. Felt like a Navy Seal today.
  89. **FREE** NAUI NTEC MiniClinic in Sebring FL
  90. nitrox help
  91. pnuematic spear shaft compatibility and customization
  92. alternative to Helium?
  93. conshelf parts HELP PLEASE!
  94. ROATAN EXPRESS I trip report.
  95. Dry Tortugas and Key West deep wrecks
  96. Prowler Immersion and Tech Diving
  97. question about tech guy/ DIR diver regulator clip
  98. Bent or pulled muscle???
  99. offshore O.C.
  100. Can a Change in Diet Improve How You Feel During and Post Dive?
  101. Slightly bent or Narced
  102. What is involved in diving deeper?
  103. Poll:How deep do you actually spearfish?
  104. Dive computer recommendation
  105. Uwatec nitrox computer (do you reccomend it?)
  106. vplanner question
  107. Jupiter 3-28-10 200ft. & 180ft. all day charter
  108. Looking for a new computer. Any Advice?
  109. Cant clear ears freediving but scuba no problems
  110. Scrubbing with Nitrox
  111. Is it okay to use two Octopii instead of one reg, and one octo?
  112. Technical Training Recap- Tec 50
  113. Key West June U-2513
  114. Dual gas computer
  115. Is it worth it? deep wrecks on tech
  116. Anyone need trimix fills in the New Orleans area?
  117. stick on rails for omer gun
  118. John Capes WWII Sub Escape 170 Feet Investigated
  119. F/S Bare CD4 Pro Drysuit
  120. Video - Steve Bogaerts Sidemount Skills Demo
  121. Errol Kalayci GUE Fundamentals Instructor
  122. Good intro for spearfishing DVD or website info
  123. VR3 computer
  124. season opener
  125. Ande Trip?
  126. Atomic Aquatics Cobalt
  127. SUPERB article on deep air diving
  128. What is the Best Training/Classes
  129. How to choose a Trimix Instructor
  130. Take the Cotton from your ears and put it in your mouth
  131. TEKDiveUSA.2014 Announced!
  132. Whats in a chin??
  133. Miami shipwreck hunting and ESMERALDA dives
  134. Tech Diver Death of Carlos Fonseca - Ginnie Springs, FL 8-11-13
  135. Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) safety weekend
  136. Say goodbye to nitrogen narcosis
  137. The start of breathing helium submerged
  138. Hollis TX1 questions
  139. Riffe vertical reel fit the euro 110x??
  140. New Deep Scuba Record
  141. Help support UNDERWATER ADVENTURES!
  142. Diving with a Speargun tips - with Daniel Koval
  143. 2 embolisms
  144. Spearfishing with Aquascooter as600
  145. Azores trip
  146. Wreck of the schooner RED WING, lost in 1896 with reported Spanish gold aboard...
  147. How long to get Tec/Trimix certified?
  148. lobsters
  149. 8 Dive Sites To Test Your Tec-Diving Skills
  150. Fish groupers on the fringes
  151. best place to order hair extensions HairwigstyleAQseh_231 best natura
  152. Video: Float Line Coiling
  153. Deep lobsters
  154. A flasher how it works...
  155. Spearfishing tuto #2: dog snapper...
  156. Hoe to clean a yellowfin tuna!