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  1. 2008 CMAS World Freedive Spearfishing Championships
  2. Pan Americans
  3. 2010 CMAS World Freedive Spearfishing Championships
  4. USA Spearfishing Team T-Shirt
  5. First Annual No Limit Lionfish Tournament
  6. Hello Everyone! Just joined the forum
  7. Pedro Carbonell high competition leaves, sad for the sport Notica
  8. 28 º Camponato individual Euro-African pescasubmarina Peniche Portugal
  9. 2012 Worlds
  10. XII International Open 2012 Ciutat de Palma pescasubmarina
  11. CMAS holds its ordinary general meeting 2012 in Rome, Italy.
  12. XXVIII individual championship spearfishing Vigo Galicia Spain
  13. 2014 World Spearfishing Championships
  14. US Fresh Water Nationals, 2015 Keyhole Wy
  15. 2017 USA Fresh Water World Meet
  16. V cpto. indv. pescasub Pan Americano CMAS Acapulco Mejico
  17. XXX Cpto Single Euro-African pescasub. Cadiz Rota Final Classification
  18. XXX CMAS world spearfishing championship 2016 Syros Grecia
  19. I spearfishing International Women's Open Single Portocolom Palma de Mallorca
  20. FRV atuthorized at the world's
  21. XVI Máster Individual, Ciutat de Palma II CMAS Word Cup.
  22. XXXI Cpto of the world Pescasub Indv. in Sagres Portugal
  23. Ladie's First at the Worlds
  24. Finals WC Jodí Lot winner of the XXXI World Championship CMAS in Sagres Portugal.
  25. Spain gets the gold in the XXXI World Underwater Fishing Championship in Sagres Portu
  26. 1st Women's CMAS World Cup of Individual Underwater Fishing USA Champion Natión
  27. XXXII Individual World Underwater Fishing