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  1. MPAs - What Can I Do?
  2. Pt Arena, Fisk Mill, Stewart's Point, N. Salt Point - Closed to Spearfishing in '09?
  3. Why does CA State Parks Want to Ban Diving???!!
  4. Trusting ECOTRUST MLPA initiative SOCAL
  5. So Cal MLPA -- its started!
  6. Purpose of this new sub-forum and the role of Terry Maas
  7. Eco-Trust Tests Effectiveness of California's Marine Protected Area Design
  8. Reef Check California 2006-2007 Report
  9. CA Offshore Seamount MPA Created
  10. MLPA , North Central Coast Scoping meetings
  11. Recreational Effort Data - One Example
  12. Poll on limiting (spear) fishing in Orange County?
  13. More Recreational Data Coming Soon
  14. I received an email from Ecotrust today...
  15. * Cost of MPAs as a fisheries management tool *
  16. Spearfishing Divers Needed!
  17. MLPA South Coast study region ,BRTF .
  18. California fish and game laws
  19. California Sportfishing Regulations
  20. Take the ECO-Trust Survey Now!
  21. San Diego: MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force Meeting
  22. Public Teleconference/ meeting with MLPA on 9/10/08
  23. Check out the new DFG Lobster Brochure...
  24. So Cal MLPA Science Advisory Team announced
  25. MLPA Southcoast study region, BRTF meeting ; 9/8/08.
  26. Ecotrust Survey Reminder Recived Today!!
  27. Will we be the last generation of abalone divers?
  28. MPA Standards -- MLPA Goals
  29. Get your program here! Stakeholder Representative Nominations
  30. So. Cal.Marine Protection Life Act-- Stakeholder Log
  31. Editorial - MLPA Threatens the Abalone Resource
  32. BRTF Cadwell Biography
  33. Science Advisory Team-Astrid Scholz-Ecotrust
  34. Bad news for SoCal MLPA
  35. Coastside Fishing still hammering away for us Part 1
  36. No-Take State Marine Reserves Threaten Subsistence Ocean Harvest
  37. CDFG Press Release: California Outdoors Q&As
  38. Wonder how this will be used?
  39. Question about the meeting in sac 12-12-08
  40. F&G Commission Puts Abalone on the MLPA Cutting Block
  41. "MLPA Farce" - SD Union-Tribune
  42. PEW Packard take over NOAA
  43. Abalone & the MLPA: RFA & SCAN Presentation to the F&G Commission
  44. San Diego venue for next MLPA meeting
  45. Court Cancels EPA Clean Water Act Exemption for Pesticides
  46. [MLPA Initiative] MPA Proposals Submitted External to the SCRSG Process
  47. Task Force Urged to Use Balanced, Scientific Approach to Ocean Health
  48. A thing about the outer islands thing...
  49. Hallelujah for MPAs?
  50. Ahhh... another meeting. TOMORROW!!! Jan.22
  51. And, a Science Advisory Team meeting in Los Angeles, Jan. 27.
  52. Governor freezes funding for MLPA
  53. SAT member emails
  54. MLPAI Science Advisory Team Jan 27, listen in if you have time...
  55. reg question
  56. mlpa survey shelter island 1/31
  57. Meeting in HB, Feb 10, 2009. Town Hall Meeting.
  58. MPA Deadline Approaching Next Week
  59. More MPA supporters
  60. What are they saying?
  61. New MLPA Statewide Interest Group Roster
  62. Acid oceans! What next?!
  63. What about asking the NRA for help.
  64. commercial under 16?
  65. lecture 3/10 in SB: Recovery New Approaches to Understanding Kelp Forest Ecosystem
  66. MLPA Letter Writing and Speaking Resources
  67. Question regarding the last MLPA public meeting
  68. Data in our defense!?
  69. Important Public Comment Information
  70. Will MPA History Repeat Itself?
  71. MPA Information & Research Library
  72. F&G Commissioner Charged with Conflict of Interest
  73. South Coast MLPA Public Workshops
  74. MPA Draft Arrays - FINALLY!!!
  75. Shellfish Beneficial Use Project Meeting May 26, 2009
  76. RFA on MLPA @ Fisheries Forum 3/26 in the Capitol Dome
  77. Editorial presents good points
  78. City of Luguna Beach City Council Involvement in MLPA Process
  79. Just who exactly are these FIC/FIN guys??
  80. MLPA Science - For the Bubble-Blowers!
  81. Great Pro-Rec Fishing MLPA info Site
  82. Fred Hall Show package for San Diego people
  83. That's how you do it guys!!
  84. damage control letter
  85. California nominates MPAs for federal program
  86. Fishing permanently banned!
  87. Fishing Communities of the United States, 2006
  88. Revised Regulations for Channel Islands NMS
  89. TODAY - April 6th - MLPA teleconference/Webinar @ 130pm
  90. Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee to Meet April 21-23
  91. Funding for California MPA monitoring?
  92. Umm, Don't look now but...
  93. Bill on Children's Pool heads to Senate/Legislation would give control to City Counci
  94. Pollution: Look to the recommendations
  95. Money for fishermen displaced by marine closures
  96. Bad News for PV
  97. Democratic Leaders Voice Unanimous Support on 10th Anniversary of Landmark MLPA Act
  98. Marine Protected Areas Monitoring Enterprise User Needs Survey
  99. MLPA Benefactors List--Thanks for stepping up!!!
  100. May 8th BRTF-MLPA webinar/teleconference
  101. Governors Agreement on Ocean Health
  102. Can anyone get me a link to a map of "Persistent" kelp?
  103. Round 2 MLPA maps available??
  104. MPA Financial Management Webinar
  105. Mappng Human Impacts on Marine Ecosystems
  106. Mlpa meeting, santa ana, may 19,20,21
  107. National System for MPAs Launched by U.S.
  108. "Shopping" the 2nd Round MPA arrays to the public—another chance to speak up
  109. [MLPA Initiative] Chair Don Benninghoven statement
  110. Where was everybody?
  111. MLPA 101 Seminar Clips - Now On YouTube!
  112. Jim Kellogg Asks Commission to Put MLPA Process on Hold
  113. More on effective participation
  114. Here's the letter I submitted at the MLPA meeting tonight May 19
  115. One complaint
  116. Second Letter for Thursday 5/21/09.... care to take a look?
  117. Public testimony saves the day-MLPA Santa Ana
  118. The Economic Structure of California's Commercial Fisheries
  119. Laguna issues thread--See here.
  120. 5/26/09 More Cuts to California Budget this time $70 million to California Parks
  121. Blue Ribbon Panel changes rules again!
  122. Won Article, RSG member perspective
  123. BRTF Thursday June 4—Message from United Anglers
  124. Funding for our future, what to do, where to put it??
  125. BRTF Meeting - Parking (Important)
  126. MLPA Initiative a Schwarzenegger priority, budget woes notwithstanding
  127. SCRSG Demographics
  128. ATTENTION SURFRIDER TROLLS: Please Anwser This Question
  129. Meg Caldwell background (BRTF panel member)
  130. Science Showcase: Protected Reserve Shows Promise in Florida Keys
  131. Poaching 'Out Of Control,' Game Warden Says
  132. Hmmmmmmm
  133. MLPA worshops mark your calendar
  134. Fishermen/Spearos/Kayakfishermen are intimidating and violent--the new enviro tactic
  135. Ken Wiseman video recap
  136. Official round 2 MLPA maps posted
  137. (MLPA) One more time--We need to own this expectation issue or our a$$ will be grass
  138. URGENT TODAY: Fax to stop MLPA funding--Please do it!
  139. Budget vote--preliminary result
  140. Dana point, laguna, newport 2nd round map comparison on spearfishing and lobster take
  141. Here comes Washington
  142. Request to make Laguna Beach an SMR
  143. We need mlpa outreach help!!!
  144. Fishing and hunting license money to fund MLPA
  145. Slow down the mlpa please!
  146. Anyone else get this mailed to their house?
  147. Sutton says he's clear to vote on MLPA process
  148. Where was everyone?
  149. SB and V: July 14 & 15 FSTS Lecture: Understanding the MLPA Initiative in So.CA
  150. North Coast MLPA process has begun
  151. Reject lapis 1
  152. MLMA Lessons Learned project - draft Task 1 report on MLMA Implementation
  153. More Wardens Needed, but where is the money?
  154. Lapis 2?
  155. REMINDER! North Coast MLPA Open Houses
  156. Allowed activities in a State Marine Reserve - recent discussions
  157. North Coast Counties, Cities Protest Rush to Reserves
  158. How is norcal media already on the ball?
  159. Who would spearos nominate for North Coast SAT?
  160. Mlpa regional profile maps
  161. What I wish the BRTF would read, understand, and be open-minded about
  162. So Cal Surfers and MLPA NO SURFING !
  163. Going forward into Round 3...
  164. Vote on marine reserves off North-Central California leaves fishermen angry
  165. LOBSTER PLAN- Let's protect divers!
  166. Bringing fish through a protected area
  167. 3 new MLPA maps? Naples on the chopping block
  168. Fisheries Fascism
  169. Need Help Understanding all this/Knowing how to help
  170. OC divers, need your support!
  171. Los Angeles Divers, need your support!!
  172. "Ocean health appears to be solid"; MPAs are no-go zones!
  173. Redondo Council/Rocky Pt MLPA
  174. Alert - Oppose the F&G Commissioner from Packard!
  175. URGENT - Make this call now!!!!
  176. MLPA PV Question ?
  177. Fishermen, enviros butt heads over MLPA survey results
  178. Going 2 Dana Point! Carpool Anyone?!
  179. PVE Police Is Going To Pay For This $$$
  180. Massive closers for Laguna Beach - comparisons and quotes from meeting
  181. Take a Stand on the MLPA Concert & Seafood @ Albion Sept. 26
  182. Everyone Onboard for the MLPA/MPA Process... NOT
  183. MLPA Round 3- Comments from 2 RSG members
  184. regarding the Pt. Dume MPA...
  185. FINAL So Cal MLPA Maps
  186. Can't go to meeting. Want to help still. What can I do?
  187. General suggestions for public speaking at oct. 21, 2009 brtf meeting
  188. Email I Just Received
  189. Hot off the press!!
  190. Ocean Czar
  191. Assm Ted Lieu Says Keep Rocky Point Open
  192. NEWS: Laguna Pilot article
  193. MLPA Protest Video
  194. Sometimes I can't understand Schwarzenegger -Vetoes Comercial Lobster Fee/Managment
  195. Yesterday's MLPA Teleconference
  196. any non profit lawyer on Spearboard?
  197. Carpool from Malibu to LB?
  198. BRTF MPA Options under Consideration for the south coast
  199. MPAs as Management Tools... A scientific study
  200. Florida needs your help !!! Please help !!
  201. video of last mlpa meeting?
  202. Blue Ribbon Task Force Named For MLPA North Coast Study Region
  203. So Cal BRTF IPA posted
  204. Surfrobber is calling out the troops to take away your rights...
  205. Discount Parking – Dec 9th
  206. North Coast SAT meeting tomorrow
  207. North Coast SIG
  208. NC MLPA process update 1-14-10
  209. F&G Commission asks for more funds for wardens or delay MLPA
  210. Quick question
  211. NC MLPA process update 1-29-10
  212. NC MLPA process update 2-2-2010
  213. NC - feedback please
  214. NCRSG day 1
  215. NorCal Marine Life Protection Act - Stakeholder Log
  216. Comments regarding NorCal RSG Stakeholder Log
  217. MLPA Corruption - article from: The Sun
  218. Obama administration will accept no more public input for federal fishery strategy
  219. Calling all divers !
  220. Oppose Confirmation of Don Benninghoven to the Fish and Game Commission
  221. Senator Dutton asks to stop funding MLPA
  222. Round 2 proposals will be available June 3 on Marine Map for public viewing.
  223. They give the South Coast one measly scoping meeting
  224. Are you an MLPA Supporter? ACTION NEEDED
  225. [MLPA Initiative] July 21-22, 2010 BRTF meeting and draft agenda
  226. MLPA Initiative] REMINDER: Comments on north coast Round 2 draftMPA proposals
  227. Public participation locations for the seventh meeting in the north coast study regio
  228. [MLPA Initiative] Upcoming north coast meetings
  229. Cutting Corners in Ocean Protection
  230. MLPA Master Plan Science Advisory Team Draft Meeting Agenda: July 28, 2010
  231. MLPA North Coast Regional Stakeholder Group (NCRSG)Fifth meeting (draft agenda a
  232. Benninghoven is out!
  233. Chesbro asks for six-month delay of North Coast MLPA process
  234. Encroaching NOAA bureaucracy
  235. Draft EIR for Proposed S Coast MPAs available
  236. New California Fish and Game Commissioner!!
  237. Department proposes alternatives to So Coast MPAs
  238. If we divers don't participate in numbers at MLPA meetings-- get shitted on.
  239. CFC Request for extended public comment
  240. MLPA Initiative] Request for comments on Round 3 NCRSG MPA Proposal
  241. This is HUGE!!
  242. Sound familiar?
  243. This is looking pretty ugly
  244. North Coast MLPA Decision Ahead Oct. 25-26 in Fortuna
  245. DFG Comm Baylis is covering his enviro tracks....
  246. South Coast Revised Regs
  247. Message from BRTF Chair Gustafson to the northcoast
  248. Next SAT meeting to be held in January 2011
  249. MLPA staff office hours by telephone!
  250. Ninth meeting (draft agenda and two briefing documents attached