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  1. Giant shrimp raises big concern as it invades the Gulf
  2. The Lionfish Invasion Marches Onward - Carribean Loop Almost Closed
  3. The Purpose of the Invasive Species Spearfishing & Science Forum
  4. Do You Really Feel Like Getting Stung by a Lionfish?
  5. Red Snapper Eating Lionfish
  6. Lion Fish College Project - Help Needed
  7. Lionfish Sting First Aid Video PSA from DEMA + DAN Divers Alert Network
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  9. Lionfish Tournement in Destin - 14 Jul 12
  10. Lionfish invention!...Kind of...to get the big ones!
  11. FWC 8-3-12 Executive Order - Fishing License Not Required to Harvest Lionfish
  12. Eat them before they eat everything (Article from CNN)
  13. anyone eat roi?
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  15. Lionfish Removal Contest
  16. 2012 Key Largo Lionfish Derby Results are In!
  17. REEF Lionfish Handling Workshops - South Florida October 2012
  18. Invasive Lionfish: A Guide to Control and Management
  19. Lionfish Handling Workshop - Fort Lauderdale - October 13/14th
  20. Lionfish Handling Workshop-Miami-October 20th/21st
  21. REEF Lionfish Handling Workshop and Dives in West Palm Beach October 27/28
  22. REEF Lionfish Collecting Dives in Ft. Lauderdale_11.3
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  25. Paul McCartney likes turtles too
  26. Places to spear Lionfish
  27. Lionfish in Collier County
  28. Has anyone seen these exotic groupers in the S. Carribbean Region or N. Brazil Shelf?
  29. NSU Oceanographic Center: Participate in a spear hunting lionfish survey
  30. NSU Oceanographic Center: Happy Grouper Season
  31. Lionfish Predators
  32. Lionfish are getting fat invading the US Atlantic coast (and beyond)
  33. lionfish bag
  34. Submarine is latest weapon to fight invasive lionfish
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  36. 17.5" Lionfish anyone?
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  38. Lionfish Survey
  39. 2013 Lionfish Summit - 22-24 Oct 13
  40. UMN student group interest in spearfishing
  41. Lionfish Blinding test
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  43. Florida Gulf Coast University Presents: 2014 Southwest Florida Lionfish Derby
  44. Lionfish RoundUp - May 10th - Clearwater
  45. Dolphins play with porpoises to their death
  46. Australia hatches first IVF shark
  47. Lionfish Trap
  48. Portugal gives way prohibits fishing and trawling
  49. Reef Monitoring - Lionfish Safari
  50. How to get rid of Lionfish
  51. Save Our Reef !!!
  52. Doing my part against these lionfish
  53. FWC, partners coordinate first statewide Nonnative Fish Click and Submit Contest
  54. Best Places to Lionfish Hunt in the Keys?
  55. Grouper Eating Lionfish Video
  56. Study suggests Burmese pythons changing Everglades' food chain
  57. Latest Chance to Kill Lionfish (and get a REAL Reward)
  58. A Visit To Possibly The Most Infested Lionfish Region Offshore Florida
  59. 300+ pounds in May.
  60. Carp removal project
  61. Guy Harvey Lionfish Safari - Sept 12-13
  62. lion fish eradication plan
  63. Lion fish derby-cape canaveral
  64. Custom Liofish containment device
  65. New use for Lionfish!
  66. Lionfish Population Control Proposal
  67. Harvesting Lionfish and Protecting Our Reefs Free Webinar and Contest
  68. Australia wants to wipe out carp with herpes
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  71. Man-eating Nile crocodiles are found in Florida; is an invasion underway?
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  73. The Global Price of Invasive Species
  74. Whole Foods in FL selling lion fish
  75. Lionfish invades Ibiza spotted two copies
  76. Guy Harvey Lionfish Safari - Sept 9-11, 2016
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  78. Florida's Lionfish Challenge Program
  79. REEF Releases New App for Invasive Lionfish Sightings for iPhone & Android
  80. Lionfish sting sends Boca diver to hospital
  81. Aside from Lionfish, any others
  82. Are Mantis Shrimp an Invasive Species
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  85. Killer Robots to Exterminate Lionfish
  86. Unusual Fish in USA Aquariums
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  89. White Seabass or Corvina
  90. Jewfish. April 2018
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  92. Lion fish population declining?
  93. Yucatan
  94. spear tagging Video