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05-02-2010, 01:16 PM
OK, it didn't involve a spear gun, but my custom made "shrimpinator 500" prawn collection device went to work last night in Washington area 8.2. All between 70-85' deep and reasonable grade. I kept 2 dozen and left plenty.

Puget Sound season is May 1 and May 5, with possible extension. Night diving is 7PM - midnight 8.2 only. Tides look a bit sporty for the 5th unless I can find a less current-prone spot.

Yes I have a better camera than my cell phone.

06-10-2010, 03:49 PM
I know that I am digging up a really old post here but I was finally approved to post. How do you make a "shrimpinator 500"?

06-10-2010, 09:21 PM

06-10-2010, 11:10 PM
The name is fancier than the device.

You need 5 things. 1. Old traffic cone or kids soccer cone. Cut the top off so whole thing is like 6" long. That should make a small cone with a narrow end (original top) maybe 2" diameter and a wide end maybe 6-8" diameter. It is important that the diameter of the wide end of the cone be greater than diameter of your dive light. 2. Spray paint the inside of the cone black. 3. Get short piece of black PVC pipe (like 10" long and maybe 4" diameter. Stick cone in PVC pipe so wide end is sticking out of pipe. 4. Duct tape pipe to cone. Use more duct tape or piece of cord to make a handle you can fit your hand under. 5. Get a beat up old game bag and cut the top (the metal bar part) off so you just have a mesh bag. Duct tape open end of mesh bag around the PVC collar.

Assuming you are right handed, hold shrimpinator in left hand. Wide end of cone pointed forward, mesh of beat up old game bag drifting behind and under your left hand. Dive light in right hand . Find shrimp. Orient so that shrimp is facing light. Push shrimpinator against bottom behind shrimp. This somewhat flattens the bottom of the cone against the sand creating, from a shrimp point of view, a dark cave. Use dive light and luck to herd shrimp into the wide end of the cone, eventually with shrimp in cone and light holding it in there. Quickly sweep the shrimpinator through the water while removing the light so that shrimp is pushed back through the small end of the soccer cone funnel and finds itself in the game bag. It is very hard for them to get back out because the small opening of the cone is in the center of the mesh bag. To remove shrimp you will need to un-duct tape the mesh bag from the cone. I carry a zip tie to choke off the top of the mesh bag before I swim in.

You can go surprisingly fast with this, but the first shrimp will take maybe 10 tries. The trick is in the herding of the shrimp into the funnel and you'll get the hang of it. Bigger ones are far easier than little ones. Just practice in the off season so you have your "A" game ready.

Pictures are of shrimpinator without game bag attached. One of the front end. Second looking from the back so you can see the small end of the cone inside the PVC collar. Sorry for the cell phone camera resolution.

Successful use of the shrimpinator will incur a small payment of beer to me at the next spearboard get together. I will pay in kind for improvements on the design. The 500 series is OK but I've been considering alternate funnel designs to minimize escape of shrimp off to the sides. And a rectangular dive light surface versus circular might help.....

Best of luck.

I do have a friend that says salad tongs are faster, simpler and cheaper but that requires three hands for me. And this looks good and geeky.

Any better devices out there?