View Full Version : WPB Hypnautical Report: 2/19

02-19-2011, 06:41 PM
Great day on the water with Hypnautical. I had to come down put a few dollars in Dillon Tyler Ippolito's college fund since he was just born Tuesday at a healthy 7lbs- 7oz's. Good looking boy too!!


Flat calm, hot sunshine and the beaches were packed on this Presidential Holiday weekend. Water temps were 70 degrees with a half knot north current and 70 feet of viz. Surface current was double. Lots and lots of fish schooling in the holes, makes for a good show on the bottom machine. Jelly's are gone too. Hot lobster soup and hot boat water makes for a great warm up before the next dive.

Boat limited on bugs and I plunked an 18 inch rarely seen lately, hog. Rest of this weekend is just getting flatter and better in Jupiter/WPB. Call your boat now for last minute space.

Forest, Brenda, Johnoly


02-19-2011, 06:53 PM
got to love the short run to the reefs unlike the 15+ mile ride here in Jax. Nice bunch of bugs