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Look Out Below
03-10-2003, 09:44 AM
It was such a tiresome blur I might miss a thing or too!

Saturday 3/8/03

Headed out of Sebastian at 6:30 AM with Bad English, Meat, UCF_Knight and I. Only to meet up with a Northeast wind chop. A little slow ride out but not to bad. After two dives and some bugs in the boat the storm from h*ll covers us. Wind now gusting about 25 mph, waves increase to about 3’ to 4’ with an occasional 6’. This made following the divers almost impossible but doable. Vis on the bottom was 7’ to maybe 10’ MAX and 65 degree water. Still not bad as we ended the day with 23 Spiny’s, 2 slippers, Meat’s nice 10 mango, another 7 & 3 lber by Bad English, a 8 lb Strawberry Grouper and four divers that felt like they were beat up by Tampa Bay Bucs. =( Great to of meet up with you UCF, we'll do it again. :thumbup:

Myself, Meat, Bad English and UCF_Knight for the hall. Dang there's a halo over my lobster...

Sunday 3/9/03

Didn’t have enough Saturday so off we go again, now with Shooter Dan from the West Coast, Bad English and I. There was a little miss confusion with one of the other divers, I thought, he thought, the other one thought…D*mn, if that ever happens again give me a swift kick in the azz!!! :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

Well we were greeted with almost flat calm seas. Off to the first drop Shooter Dan and I go. Hit the bottom and vis is now 15’ to 20’ and pretty as can be. (For the East Coast) I look back and no Shooter Dan? So off I go east on the ledge snagging 5 nice bugs, still no sign of shooter Dan. I run out of time and ascent only to find the fog rolled in and the vis on top was about 10’. No boat in sight only the slight noise of the motor through the thick fog. After 20 minutes of bobbing like balloon from a Cruise ship. I now start thinking of some crazy chit! They lost me, I’m thirsty, I’m going to die (Ya right ;) ). I try to swim toward the motor noise but it was against the current. I’m now tired from blowing my whistle and give up, drop my tickle stick just to lighten the load. Another 5 minutes go by and I hear Dan’s diver alert horn blowing. I once again start with my whistle and they find me. Man that was f’d up…Come to find out Dan goes West and the boat followed him, then after he comes up they just run back down the ledge East to find me still carrying 5 lobbies. Well fog moves away and Bad English does a drop and up comes 5 more bugs. Next Shooter Dan and myself go but the fog starts coming through again. NO WAY this is going to happen to me again so I drag the buoy with me on this sweet ledge load with some fat lobbies. All in the 6 to 9.25 lb class. Yes Shooter Dan pulls the largest 9.25 lber. Fog leaves us to flat calm seas, awesome vis, and no wind. Finish doing three dives apiece with the last one being Bad English only needing two more bugs for our limit. I put him on one of my fish ledges. No bugs but a nice Scamp, another 7 lb mango and a lost 30 lb plus gag.

Tally for the day. 22 spiny’s, 2 mango’s, 1 scamp and two slippers.

Nice meeting up with you Dan and will do it again. Remember we here on the East Coast fish using the conservationist way using sabikai’s without hooks…DOH!!! Plus our neighborhood dive shop will be making some $$$ from me for a dive alert.

Shooter Dan with a mouth full...

Final tally for Sunday.


03-11-2003, 07:28 PM
Thanks for the report. Looks like a bit of work.

03-11-2003, 10:07 PM
Sweet catch guys.... both days. Those dive alerts are hard on the ears but they work like a charm!! I Don't leave home without it!!

Dan - how was that sushi lobster leg?

Steel Shootin'
03-11-2003, 10:35 PM
How the hell did Shooter Dan get hooked-up with LOB before me? What a friggen travisty! That was supposed to be me pictured with those bugs!

Oh well... it'll give me something to look forward to. :D

Look Out Below
03-12-2003, 07:58 PM
Just ask...;)