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03-23-2003, 09:16 PM
I'd just like to say to Seastalker, Shooter Dan, Merk, Lee, Dave and Dave:

I had a great time this Sat. We had glass flat seas, nice skies, and decent vis, after you got past the first 10 to 30 feet of pea soup. I did boned on 3 dives and only caught bait. Acutally, I had a bead on a nice Red, but my spear BOUNCED right off him (Must have been just inches out of range). To bad for that Red. I turned to me in shock and awe that it didn't die, just in time to have Dave plug it with his spear! Now that's what I call covering fire. In the end, I still came out great. Dave and Dave were stand up guys and gave me me a fat ass lobster tail!!! I cooked it up for the wife and she loved it-- so much that she promised never again to give me lip about leaving the house at 1:30 am to drive East. Thanks Dave(s)!

OH yea, I did catch a realy pretty fish. Its green , gives off a lot of light and has an appendage that looks like a bras clip. Found it just laying there in the sand looking up at me. Hmmn? What could it be? SeaStalker-- send me the address where you want it shiped, and I'll mail it to you for your aquarium, along with a nice scale for weighing it.

The rest of the guys slayed them!!! Shooter Dan nailed a huge ass grouper. Rumor puts it above 40lbs. Someone's mango topped 14lb -forget who shot it. Either Lee or Merc also gaought a bis American Red on the old rod and reel. Dave ticlkled out two of his largest lobsters to date, and Merk loaded the boat with them on another dive. As usual, Seastalker filled his stringer on each dive to the bending point, and bitched me out for not up picking him an his catch quickly enough. For a man that can dive cold water w/ no wetsuit, he sure gets a bit bitchy about being on the surface. I guess I would be too if I had as many big old grouper tied to my belt. He and Shoter Dan had hot guns !!!!!!!! Thoose fish didn't stand a chance. Amazingly, Seastalker lost several 50+ grouper after they pulled of his shaft. Since I'm the fist one to post on the trip, you can guess that 24 hours later the guys must still be cleaing all those fish.

Great trip.


03-24-2003, 08:09 AM
well saturday was my third time diving the east coast.the first time i managed the biggest gag i,ve ever shot.(51lbs).second trip produced my biggeas mango(9.5 lbs).su there we are saturday,webers myself and a nonboard member dave.i,m wandering if i will get something big this trip also beside mangoes which i had already pulled off the deep wreck.the third drop produced a 3 and 4 lb bug.i know tye guys get them a lot bigger than that over here but it was my biggest one to date.it was a reall nice day to be out as webers said.calm seas,clear skies and lots of sunshine.it was good to get wet with all you guys.we will have to get together again and have a slay fest over in crystal river one day.

Divin' fool
03-24-2003, 12:20 PM
Dang! Guess we should have gone to 100fsw. We thought Horseshoe might be the place to go. Lots of smaller Reds and huge Mangos, but only a few Grouper and bugs.