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03-16-2005, 03:46 PM
I have had trouble locating the current official bahamas fishing regulations. Can anyone help me out with that? Also if anyone can just tell me a few of these things it would help:
Do strawberry grouper have to be 3 pounds like all other grouper?
Are you allowed to spear legal sized lobster?
Is there any size limit for hogfish or any type of snapper?
This may sound weird, but are you allowed to get turtles, and if so are you allowed to spear them?
Thanks for the help.

04-14-2005, 10:37 AM


Any conch taken from Bahamian waters must be well formed with a prominent, flared lip. As a rule of thumb, to stay on the safe side of Bahamian law, conch should be a minimum of 7 to 8 inches lengthwise. The immature conch found in many tidal waters or shallow sea grass areas should be left for another day. Bag limit at any time is 10 per person. 10 conch per person may be exported from The Islands Of The Bahamas.


For recreational divers, it's illegal all year around to catch, net, spear or otherwise capture fish or invertebrate critters while using scuba gea or surface supplied compressed air equipment.


Spearfishing using spearguns is illegal in The Bahamas. Hawaiian slings or pole spears are the only approved spearfishing devices. Use of them to collect fish or lobsters is allowed under the following conditions:

* a least a mile offshore of Grand Bahama or New Providence.
* offshore beyond 200 yards of any other Out Island,
* while freediving or on snorkel, but not on scuba.

Spearing or taking marine animals by any means is prohibited within national sea parks.

Stone Crabs:

Closed season is June 1 to October 15. Minimum harvestable claw is four inches. Harvesting of females is prohibited.

04-15-2005, 10:08 AM
You can spear legal sized lobster.

No size limit on Hogfish, but why shoot the little guys? Go to hunt, not to kill everything you see.

Don't think there is a size limit on snapper, but once again, why not be selective?

Why in Gods green earth would you want to spear a turtle?? Did one abuse you as a child?

If you are gong to the Bahamas you will have to check in to enter the Bahamas. The fishing rules/regs are printed on the back of your cruising permit.