View Full Version : Malibu john's spearguns

09-01-2014, 12:22 PM
So I got A few dives in with MJ and last day of ling I seen his mishandle, so now mine is being set up for the cabezon killer. Cabezon are quick your response time and placement are very crucial so they do not see movement.

Also the best range is like 10 feet I am down to four spearguns, with having only one pneumatic. My JBL commercial is to long for swinging and the midhandle will more likely be a delight For swing left to right.

MJ showed me how he keeps the wrap away from the bands On a picture From his phone, and zoom then you could clearly see how this look to be sleek and no catching.

Malibu is a good person to dive with, He dives like I do, it takes years of experience to be comfortable in any situation you get into so that the whole time your dives comfortable throughout.

The unique thing is it's going to have wood in it from 200 years ago, so the possibility that the tree that came from could be close to 300 possibly.
So now MJ is putting a few special features On it so I can have a distinguish design between mine and any other MJ gun, this one is going to be the Cabazon killer And yet it will be the Ling Slayer also.