View Full Version : Holy crap - nice weather is upon us

04-12-2003, 10:23 PM
Holy crap.. looks like the good weather is here.

We went out this morning, had a bit of white chop on the water, but it layed down real nice by lunch time.
We had a full boat. I didn't get to go as I was stuck in the shop taking care of some things, but the report was good. I saw at least a dozen flounder come off the boat as well as a large Aj and a nice sized Gag.
Bottom temp was 66 degrees (same as last week).

We dove 2 wrecks, the ATLAS and the Rio Yuna.
Seems the victim of choice this week and been flounder and cobia.

I'm going out in the morning with the "Fin Fan".

More poop as it is available.