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04-14-2003, 10:02 PM
The motley bunch consisted of myself,Scobbie,Sweetie,& Steve(capt/non diver). This was a spear/fish run to one of our honey holes. With a lil luck we were going to convert a bait chunker into a steel slinger!:D
Pulled out a late because some dummy forgot his license was expired!:o I'll be looking into the lifetime permits next season.

What a day flat seas,sun shining,& not a boat in sight! Ran to G first (no bait),ran to R5 tower(no bait), finally ran to the Razor wreck. After a mishap with #'s we finally found it(took a lil nap while they sorted it out) and man you should have seen the fishfinder light up!!
After catching a lil bait we rigged for bottom and 20 minutes later we had 2 10lbs+ scamps on board.The hell with this suit up time.

Seeing that we bagged over 50+ doormats on our first dives on this spot in the last two years,me & Scobbie opted to take polespears. I told Sweetie he could pop the cherry on my new powerhead if he wanted.Didn't have to ask him twice.

Rolled over into the 61 degree water (my nuts still wont talk to me)and headed down to 75' for some fun.Heading down we were shittin giggles at the amount of fish we saw and I was hating life for giving up my gun.
Sweetie picked em one out and the chase was on.Scobbie headed up the wreck and I headed for the boilers while watching Sweetie out the corner of my eye. Reached the boilers and introduced myself to a sheephead first. After scanning the boilers I found me a nice doormat and nailed em and in the process felt my pole hit somthing hard beside it in the sand. I dug around and finally got it uncovered and I couldnt believe my luck it was one of the old porthole windows with the latches still on it.I bagged it and headed back toward Sweetie and seen nothing but his fins sticking out underneath the ribs.I saw he had finally nailed his man but it had been knocked under the wreck by the impact. Finally managed to reach him with the polespear(glad we had it now) and drag him out. And he was beautiful 18lb gag with a good head shot.(damn I guess they do teach em to shoot at the police academy). Met back up with Scobbie and all he had drummed up was 6 huge doormats said he saw a lot of barely legals but passed em up for a later day.
We were only able to do one dive because of the late start,but planned on heading back Friday if weather pemit's.

Back at the dock while cleaning the bootie Steve wanted to know how fast could he get certified. We told him to get the card and we will show himm the rest!!