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Louis Rossignol
07-08-2005, 09:19 AM
July 7, 2005 Council update

The shootout is around the corner. Please keep abreast of the weather due to the pending storm heading our way. “Dennis”. We will probably be making a decision by Tuesday if we need to move the shootout depending on Dennis and the weather. The Rules are being sent out again for your reference.

Thanks to the Frogmen, Git “em, and the Hell Divers for their cash donations to the shootout. So far 6 Aqua Aces have committed and the Frogmen have promised 8 divers. We expect Hell Divers, Lick ‘em & Stick ‘ems, Sea Tigers, and Git ‘em to be in that number. We expect a record turnout.

The Golden Meadow Rodeo on July 4th weekend was marred by bad weather on Friday but Sat was not too bad.

Congratulations, to Git’em for winning the Club Award, Jason Guitreau for winning the King Spearfishing Award, and Linsey Hurd for winning the Champion Skin Diver Award. Other winning awards were: Troy and George Donaldson, Tim Dykes, Eddie Aydel, George Ansardi, Wil Demuth, Terry Migaud, Stan Smith, Vincent LeBlanc, and Jim Richard. If I left anybody out, I apoligize as I doing this from memory and as you know short-term is the first thing to go..

No records were kept from the rodeo, so if a diver needs to enter a fish card he must enter it on his own.

An update on the Houma Sportsman League rodeo is also being sent out. David Dauzat is out of town but is expected to dive the Shootout. We will keep a record of the Shootout and update the Derby Board soon after the Shootout.

See you at the Shootout
Terry Migaud, Sec/tre