View Full Version : Paul 6/15 Report

06-16-2003, 03:22 PM
Went out of Jax with Dive Ed and two new divers on my boat. Seas good at 2 -3 in the AM and 1-2 in the PM. I dove with the least experienced diver and put Ed with the one with some experiece. We had a blast showing some new divers around and helping to pass on the craft. On the first dive I was showing the newbie - Mike - nuse sharks, schools of jacks, cudas etc when out swims a nice 16# grey. Stoned him with a head shot and looked over to see Mike applauding. Was kind of fun. I guess i'm a show off at heart. Dive Ed smokes a 21# Snap with the other newbie on the second dive. Each of us made two more dives and added 2 smaller snaps, 1 15#grey and 10 flats to 4 pounds. A little slow on fish production but everyone had a good time. What has happened to the vis? 10 at PM, 15 at MF, 10 at EF and 25 1 mile west of EF. Temps were 81 surface 70 -71 below thermocline. Thermocline was brutal as I realized i had brought my other buddies size medium wetsuit once we were out. Dove in my tshirt booties and gloves. Aint no way i was squeezing in that medium. See yall soon.


06-16-2003, 03:32 PM
Hey Paul ,we went Sat,same conditions.Hope it blows thru before bug season.I had my 7 mil shorty the other boys were in 3/2 shorties(keyword short)they seemed a little chilly.