View Full Version : headhunter killer bee (seastinger lightingrod)

11-01-2007, 09:49 PM
So i got it in the mail today.

first impressions:

8ft. (inc. tip)
to all those that said they think carbon fiber would be flimsy like fiberglass.
not true at all, this thing is rock hard compared to fiber glass. it could eat fiberglass spears.

Decided to hop in the water in south mission to try it out when i got it. took a couple shots at nothing, and christ! it is insanely powerful and fast and accurate
this thing could put the tip through anything.
i found a 16" cabezon swimming along some rocks so i went for it. did not want to ruin the tip on rocks so i loaded like super weak maybe less that half of the spearand shot from the side. shot and instantly the thing went so fast right through the eye and out the other. the spear stopped only once the 12" of tip went all the way through and stopped at the body of the spear..
lighting fast and accurate. it was a perfect shot and the sea stinger slip tip was awesome, even though this shot had the fish dead within a minute, it was cool.
i know cabezon is soft and easy to get through but you can just feel the quality of the spear and it's amazing.
best choice i have ever made.

if you have your eye on it, do it, flfreedivers.com

11-01-2007, 10:08 PM
they are my favorite. those tips can take a pounding into the rocks, dont worry