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06-19-2008, 12:37 AM
I'm looking at being up in Orcas Island next week. I was wondering what I will most likely be shooting and what I should expect the conditions to be like this time of year.

I have read the regulations, so I know that I can't shoot most fish. Are there enough cab's to go trophy cab hunting? What about flatfish?

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01-05-2009, 04:33 PM
I have not posted in a long time. my computer broke and I am lazy. I did go up to Orcas and here is the report as I experienced it.

A lot of brochures gloat how the islands are so beautiful and glorious. Don't get my wrong it is definately true. My problem was that it was so similar to where I live that it was like driving all night long to be home. The other problem is I surf and the ocean there is lake flat all the time and after a couple days it starts to wear on you. The best adjective would be boring.

Enough complaining, the visibility was amazing! All the areas I dove were completely different than where I dive in Oregon. sandy bottoms with eel grass. It took m a while to realize that the broom handle size sticks coming out of the sand were clam necks. Seeing 20-30 dogfish sharks a dive was definately a hi-lite for me. I was only able to dive the bays. I didn't get out to the offshore reefs that were in the channels where the current is extremely swift during all but the lulls. That is generally where you have to go to dive for lingcod (I missed ling season). rockfish were completey off limits for divers in '08. Washington does everything in its power to eliminate spearfishing the islands through an amazing amount of regulations be sure and read the regs before you dive.

If you dive the pacnorwest a lot then I would skip the islands and try to make it out to the big water (vancouver) the regs are a lot more open out there.
I was out about a quarter mile breathing up to make a drop on the edge of a kelp pile. I had seen about 15 dogfish sharks already that dive but by then I was really comfortable around them even though they did have an unnerving habit of tailing you all through your dive. Just as I was about ready to flip I felt a jolt like I was rammed in the crotch by collie running full tilt. I was sure I was going to look behind me and see a dogfish gnawing on my junk. Instead I turned around to see my dad with a kayak paddle and big smile.... ha ha

01-05-2009, 04:39 PM
Nice man. You need to write more reports. I know that there are a lot of people who want to see reports from Oregon and Washingtin.

Ron S
01-08-2009, 12:04 AM
Nice man. You need to write more reports. I know that there are a lot of people who want to see reports from Oregon and Washingtin.

Yes indeed, and I'm one of them! I remember many years ago my girlfriend, (now wife) and I were on a road trip and wound up out at Orcas. It was so flat we went for a long paddle in our old Coleman canoe. I wasn't a diver back then, but I remember the vis being really good.
Hope to see more reports from your neck of the woods!

01-08-2009, 08:44 PM
neck sore...picture sideways....send help:lol:

01-14-2009, 11:18 AM
Good to see some reports, Orygun. PM me if you can share any hot spots. Just moved from San Diego. Kept all my freedive gear, but I told myself if I didn't use it within a year, I would sell it. Help me avoid that...

Good luck.

01-14-2009, 12:05 PM
If your wanting to Dive Orcas then I would do maybe one dive at Eastsound in the bay at high tide its a sand dive but you can still see a lot of starry flounder, and the occasional octopus. Afterwards I would go have lunch at Thai Sisters (say hi to my brother.) Then walk all the food off with a trip through the plaza. And don't forget to bring your skate because the have a killer skatepark.

I also did dive at the end of Rosario. You drive to the end of the road then its a 3/4 mile hike (if I remember correctly) down to a secluded beach. Well, the secluded beach has homes all around that are accessed via private drives. I brought everything but my weight belt, and as we all know its a little difficult to submerse 14mm of neoprene! That was the only dive that I did on rock reef. I was having a real hard time getting past 25' so I can't give a real accurate account of that. I do know that it had a lot of kelp down to 25'.

Try to make a friend with a boat, or rent a kayak. WATCH THE CURRENT!! you got to get out to the reefs that are out in the channels if you want to see fish.

If your wanting to dive Oregon is it North or South?

I'm leaving for Costa Rica for the next two months, so I am about to vanish for a little bit.

Pura Vida!