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09-09-2009, 10:03 AM
Went out to check on my buddies cabin for the weekend ;). Everything was fine (snicker). Sunday morning headed out in high slack tide around 11am. I had scored a huge black rock fish the night before. Today was clear to 20M. I had some trouble with my left ear and was pre-equalizing in an attempt to hit 20M or so. Was able to clear till about 10M. Made for a lame day with my beard bringing in a wicked leak. I was going to head in and then I saw the first red rock crab. Stayed out another hour and scored 4 decent ones and a few oysters. Didn't see any Ling or Greenlings. Will try again next week.

The next day I headed over to Mike F's in Maple Ridge to fix a leak on my Dux Thundercat. We decided to hit up some flounder on low tide in the aft. Loaded into the car and shore dove the Tsawwassen ferry bay. Vis was the shits and it was only 3M deep at best. Saw a starry flatfish sail by and a Sculpin and headed back to the car. We tried to drive around (in our suits heh) to find another beach launch and returned to the same spot with nothing. Drove to the end of the man made peninsula and dropped in again.

Well now vis was a good 5-8M and depth was about 5M. A little better. Rounded up 5 crabs between us and saw what I thought was a massive flounder. Keep in mind I have never caught one. I just started on them since I saw the 9.8Lbs world record posted on here. So I am looking at this spot on the sand thinking "yeah that looks like the one on youtube" I poke it with my speartip and it feels just like a fish body. It never moved. Puzzled I poke it again and it leaves at the speed of light! SHIT!

I saw about a dozen or so small guys and watched another big one leave as I approached.

I might head back to Tsawwassen one more time but it's not much of a dive vis and depth wise. Sechlet was much more fun.

If you guys want to plan a trip , or maybe I will. We can all crash out at the cabin and get our dive on.

Here is a link to the location I fish in Sechelt. Cabin is right there. I fish the shore and along the bay in both directions.


Here is the peir near the ferry we fished yesterday. On the rightmost side of the peir. http://maps.google.ca/maps?client=firefox-a&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=49.03196,-123.127298&spn=0.037985,0.063601&t=h&z=14

PS I have some video as I got a housing for my cam but no pics transfered yet.

09-09-2009, 03:01 PM
I wanna spear around canada when I go there in october for the U2 concert :) Thanks for the spots.