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Steel Shootin'
06-16-2004, 08:56 PM
Be sure to check out the Free Armor Bag giveaway. Here is the post from Dave at Armor Bags:

Win a free Armor bag

Armor wants to make a bag for the spearfishing and/or free diving crowd. This can be a speargun bag, freediving gun, or just a fin/mask bag or a combination of all.

Here's the way it works:
1. You submit your bag design ideas via PM to me (will reply with some comments). Include dimensions and all detail (no general concept ideas). You are also encouraged to fax a sketch to me at 813-764-8855 or send them to me via E-mail.
2. I will collect all the ideas.
3. After a reasonable period of time I will select all the ideas that are practical and post them on this thread for spearboard members to vote on. By practical, I mean I must be able to produce the product (e.g. no gold plated titanium bearings).
4. When I post the design ideas I will add an estimated retail cost for the design idea. That way you can consider the cost when voting. It would be assumed that your vote also means you'd buy that idea at that price if it was available.
4. I will produce the winning bag design and award the person who submits the winning idea the first production bag FREE of charge, probably in some ceremony at one of the spearboard events.

Then we'll bring them to events, and put them on the market, and see if the winning idea flys or flops.


Here is a link (http://www.spearboard.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=9496) to his post.