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01-27-2003, 09:06 AM
Went out Sunday with 3 shooters including me on my boat. Got a late start - didnt leave dock until 8:45 due to one of the guys (with the tanks) being late. Seems he'd met some girl the night before. Seas were 1', air temp in the 50's and able to run at 30 kts. Found out on the first dive why they advise you not to dive with a head cold. Could not clear my ears or pass 20'. Handed this spot off to the other two divers and started massaging the ears. Was able to get down on second spot but slowly @ 5 minutes to 100 feet. We ended up making two dives each on 5-6 spots. Water temp 57 - 58. Vis @20 but real fragile. One pass of a divers fins would reduce vis to 5 feet. Finished the day with 4 Greys to 24 pounds, 1 Scamp, 3 Genuine Reds to 15 pounds and a 5 pound flounder. Lost 2 nice Greys that pulled off. Both were good shots from @ 10 feet. The ledge grouper arent like the wreck zombies that you can shoot from 3 feet. Guess I'll have to consider a powerhead on the next trip. There were fish everywhere. We didnt hit a spot that didnt have at least 2 -3 nice fish on it. Saw schools of 100 or more amberjacks that would circle you on the trip back to the surface. Ran back to the dock in flat seas at 31 kts just in time for the superbowl.

01-27-2003, 12:22 PM
Nice haul! With the exception of your ears, sounds like you had a good and full day. Glad to hear the fish have moved in up there too. Thanks for the report.

01-27-2003, 04:58 PM
Nice boat you had there Paul.We didn't see that many shootable fish.We did find those bugs tho.We're heading back same area next Sunday weather permitting.We had boat cleaned ,fish cleaned and showered up and went and watched the Bucs strike terror into the hearts of th Raiders .Did you happen to see the reels those knuckleheads that drifted by us were using ?WalMart combos and probly fishing with dead shrimp.They were dicks,drifted about 25 feet away .I guess a dive flag means "all idiots please fish here"Good score fellas.

Steel Shootin'
01-27-2003, 05:43 PM
Thanks for the report. Get's real chilly out there in that sub-60 stuff. We're heading back out on Wednesday night to the Middle Grounds, so I'll hopefully have a good report if the weather cooperates.