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Cheers from Italy

Hello there.
I'm typing from Italy, I usually dive in the middle Adriatic Sea which is well know here for beeing most of the time torbid.
I'm proud of my vacuum pneumatic spears:
Cressi Sl 70 cm with Tomba 700 vacuum system and 7mm shaft
Mares Long sten 84 Tomba 700x and 650x vacuum kit (for 7 and 6.5 mm shafts)
LG Manilý 90
Mares Supersten 100 cm + Tomba 700x.

The most used ones are the 84 and 90 depending on the sea clearness..
Our sea mid depth close to the shore goes down as deep as 10 to 15 meters but most of the time the bottom visibility is like 50 cm (less than two ft.) so it become really hard to fish.

More to come
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