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Re: Panga Importers/Builders

Originally Posted by SJ_Spearo View Post
I know they are the only official Imemsa importer, but I would consider other brands. I think 12k is a little steep. It's a tough call on the size. I only usually go with 2-3 other people so I think I could get away with the smaller size and smaller motor to keep the price down.
Chris Hurst At imports Argos hulls and has sold MIMSA in the past.

I bought my 27' Miimsa factory direct from David Conde. I have a price quote for the high sided 25' hulls in front of me right now. I was quoted prices for an order of three hulls, shipping in one container.
You need to be prepared to accept poor quality gel coat. Mexican boats are not built to our cosmetic standards.
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