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Re: Panga Importers/Builders

[quote=SJ_Spearo;2139925]Thanks. I don't need anything too pretty. It's going to be a well used fishing boat. I like the idea of ordering factory direct. Was it difficult to do? I think Mimsas is the way to go. I've heard a lot of people really like them and they are reasonably priced. I just haven't seen really any user reviews on the argos boats. Who would I talk to to get some prices on a 22 mimsas.

Was it difficult? Go to Mexico Once or twice, import duty, freight and getting a title, your cost is going to be higher than you are expecting. American tire kickers have conditioned the Mex boat builders to not take us seriously. You need to go there with money in pocket ready to trust somebody you don't know in Mexico with thousands of dollars if you are going to have a boat built.
Shipping costs are gruesome. A shipping container might cost $5000. If you only ship a single hull you might as well have paid the money to an importer and saved the headache.
I would sure rethink your hull selection if you are going offshore and want to carry scuba gear. These are not big boats. They are quite narrow. Most have very low sides. High sides is an upgrade.
The 25' hulls are not much more money but are more capable. You could power it with a tiller motor and carry a 12 gallon portable plastic gas can.
If you want a smaller Panga you should just call Chris Hurst.
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