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12vdc Hot Water Heater for my MAKO Portable Power Wash/Shower System

Hey Guys,

The other day, I did a run to Cape Hatteras for some cold water diving and a little salvage operation.

It was really cold so I thought I would take the opportunity to test a badass little 12-volt dc water heater for use with my MAKO Power Wash/Shower System. I bought this little heater at a truck stop, of all places, for about $12.00. Itsí original purpose is for warming your coffee in your truck. Iím not a coffee drinker, but I thought it might work to heat the water in my MAKO Power Wash Bucket while driving down the road.

Man..this thing is awesome!

I filled a 5 Gallon bucket (from Lowes) with water from the sink in my garage. Water temp was a chilly 49 degrees. I put the bucket in the back of my Expedition, plugged in the mini 12-volt hot water heater element, dropped the probe in the water and left my house, near Sandbridge Beach, close to the Virginia / North Carolina boarder. When I arrived in Nags Head/Kitty Hawk (about an hour drive), the water temp in the bucket had risen to 65 degrees.

About 30 minutes later, I arrived at the Oregon Inlet and the water in the bucket had risen to over 70 degrees. The wind was heavier than I expected from the North with only 2 foot vis (no diving today), so I headed to down Cape Hatteras for a little salvage operation.

About 1 hour later, I arrived in Hatteras and the water temp in the bucket was a whopping 82 degrees.

In approximately 2.5 hours, this 12-volt mini hot water heater increased the water temp from a frigid 49 degrees to a whopping 82 degrees. Perfect for taking a shower after a dive.

Compared to other rinsing and shower kits out there, I really think my MAKO Power Wash System is the absolute best system available. It offers much more water and power and ease of use (and much easier refilling) and it is less than half the cost! And now, with these 12vdc mini water heaters, you can have hot water whenever and where ever you need it.

I donít yet have the mini 12-volt hot water heaters on my site yet, but I am working on it. I need to test a few different models. I will let you know when I have them. For now, you can pick one up at a truck stop!

For more info on my MAKO Portable Power Wash and Shower System, please click here:

Thanks guys for taking time to read this.

Dive safe,

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