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Re: Mini Season 2017 Video

Originally Posted by One Breath One Kill View Post
Thanks man! Do you go on the gulf side?
Yes, I have several holes I found on the last trip that had produced for me well on the Gulf side, and I did a bunch of satellite photo recon and found quite a few more good spots that we spent all day Tuesday scouting, and just about everything was vacant. Shot a fat red grouper that had lobster antennas sticking out of his throat, and one of my other honey holes had a big fat green Moray in it, so simple bad luck could be part of the problem...

Your videos mostly had an Atlantic look though... All the reefs I've dove (and it's not that many) on the Atlantic side never seem to have all that many lobster, so we haven't ever done much scouting over there.

It was a super fun trip with the kids though! My two-year-old learned how to snorkel, and he has been pretending to snorkel ever since. he puts on his mask and jumps off the couch and then lays on his belly on the carpet, waving his arms and legs around!
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