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Re: Mini Season 2017 Video

Originally Posted by Tyson Brown View Post
It will be a sad day if ever seeing a lobster get netted feels like heaving another shovel-full of dirt!

Coming down for lobster once a year, I can't see that ever happening. I dream about them sometimes - seeing the antennas bristling out from under a circle ledge. It's always a small, satisfying shock when you drag over a hole and spot the lobster, a little "Ha! I have you now!"

But his video is a little depressing in comparison to my actual experience this year......
Catch 250 a day for a week or two straight until your hands look like hamburger meat and you'll know what I mean. It's almost like factory work at that point. Tap, Tap, Tap, net, bag, repeat.

Not to mention the amount of props I see zoom feet over my head. It's good money though and I get to make it swimming around in the ocean so I really can't bitch. Let's just hope the Chinese slowly pulling out of the market doesn't crash the price.
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