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Lightbulb Artificial Reef Projects


A dive buddy and I were wondering the legally of creating artificial reefs. I know that dumping in the ocean is probably illegal. But what about using cinder blocks/non-toxic materials with the intention to create more houses for fish and coral to move into.

This idea of ours came up when we were diving for lobsters on grass/sand ledges struggling to even find any lobsters, all the holes were empty. Then we stumbled upon an artificial man-made reef. It was LOADED with lobsters and we caught our limit. It seemed like the lobsters really liked the protection, I guess in the ledges its too easy for them to get caught/killed/eaten. This reef was very well made, it had a center that was unreachable by us, and I could tell they would spawn and protect the small lobsters there. There were corals attached to the cinder block walls and metal pieces. Also little reef fish, such as blue tangs, some grunts, squirrel fish, some I cant name, etc were all there too!

Imagine if we could recreate these lobster/fish houses all around miami and the keys, I am talking like 1,000 of these houses. They would help the lobster numbers so much. Plus the corals and smaller fish species seem to like them too. I think there is so much space because alot of parts of the ocean floor are just barren. There is just sand or grass for miles. These reefs would provide more opportunity for fish and corals to live and thrive.

Its time we create more real estate under the sea. If we want to sustain our fisheries how can we do so if we keep destroying our natural reefs and leave all species that are dependent on stable reefs to die.

(Please respond if you care about our fish/lobster and coral populations!)
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