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Re: Artificial Reef Projects

Originally Posted by kwyoungspear View Post
Because of lobbyist for commercial lobster trappers and NOAA

This has been discussed on the board before but to summarize, back in the height of lobster hotels, commercial divers started to catch as many lobster as the trappers were and they got mad. They put a limit on lobsters for commercial divers but not for trappers. Sadly, a lot of commercial divers continued to catch way more than their limit and mad a lot of other divers look bad. Hotels make it easy to catch a large amount of lobster quickly and make a lot of money in the act of doing so. The government doesn't like people making easy money.

And there were thousands of them, lots of them were removed and a lot are still out there.
This is ridiculous. I can't believe it just always comes down to money. Why can't we ever have nice things. I don't think politics should be involved in our ocean activity. At the end of the day, if we keep up the way we are treating the ocean, it will be gone within this generation's time. Sad.
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