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Re: Artificial Reef Projects

Originally Posted by FalconSpearo View Post

A dive buddy and I were wondering the legally of creating artificial reefs. I know that dumping in the ocean is probably illegal. But what about using cinder blocks/non-toxic materials with the intention to create more houses for fish and coral to move into.
A major problem with a DIY artificial reef is that the structure (cinder blocks, building materials) is mobile. Any coral that attaches to the blocks is doomed because a storm will roll them around, maybe even into nearby natural reef structure. You could potentially be killing more coral than you're saving because that same coral could have ended up someplace safe and not on the cinder blocks. This is why most artificial reefs are giant stones that would be extremely difficult for someone to emplace without a barge. I'm all for artificial reefs, I think that we need more of them especially in deeper water (It doesn't do much good to put them in 30 feet of water and post the numbers on the internet). Anyways, I'm sure the state is in no hurry to repeat a disaster like the Osborne Reef but, if you could solve the mobility problem then maybe you could be on to something.
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