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Re: RIB recommendations

There are two types: hypalon and the plastic type you see at West Marine....if you can find a used hypalon Caribe brand rib, they last for years. My 1984 hypalon Achilles (plywood bottom) holds air like new and costs far less than a top of the line Caribe...skip the plastic material inflatables, as the sun turns them yellow and they get sticky from the heat on sunny days...I buy all my inflatables at boat auctions at a good discount...for ocean use, get at least a 25 h.p. or larger outboard engine, as smaller engines may not make any headway against wind and swells from Santa Ana conditions or coastal eddies...been there, done that with a 50 hp engine at San Quintin....

as far as albacore, they are frequently 25 miles out in your area...myself, I wouldn't venture out that far in an inflatable...lots safer to jump on a charter boat...
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