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Re: RIB recommendations

Originally Posted by Coos-spearo View Post
I know nothing about RIBS other than our coach always had them when we were racing sailboats offshore. At the time it seemed like a small Zodiac 550 would handle any conditions that mother nature threw at us.

If you have any advice it will be greatly appreciated.
The first thing you need to know about RIBS (rigids) is that they are almost always more expensive than a fiber glass and aluminum boats. Border line too expensive. A very old one can be found but I would worry about the integrity.

If you need a light boat, look in to a used aluminum in the 17'+ range like this one :

If you are determine to buy a rigid, brands like AVON and AB are on top. Like Bob said, Hypalon is always better than PVC but more costly.

Last option could be an inflatable with soft bottom, like a wooden, plastic or inflatable floor. They are not as fast but they can get you from a to b and no more than that.

Good luck.
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