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Re: RIB recommendations

Thanks for the input.

There is a new age fiberglass dory being built in the North West called a Breaker Dory. They can be seen at The website is not so hot however, the Facebook page is a lot better. The breaker dory is a lightweight, albacore ready boat that might be perfect. It is designed to launch directly through the surf and is at home in Oregon waters. I think a stripped down version is $35,000. It would be cool for some advanced spearos to check that boat out as it is light and efficient.

I have also been seeing a couple 17' Bombard RIBs lately that are 12 or so years old, garage stored and listed under $20,000.

As for the Baja Bayrunner. There is a 17', 2015 used boat for sale with a 2015, 60 hp honda that looks brand new. I think the asking price is around $18,000. That boat is 5 miles away from me and may be the practical solution for a lot of reasons, mainly resale value. I never owned a boat I didn't sell at some point.

Thanks once again for the feedback and I will go give the Bayrunner a close look.
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