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Re: $500 Giveaway from Dive Addicts!


1) Drop-down menu: Some got half cut-offs across.
2) Suggestion: Create a 'guest' account so people can order without forcing them to log in to check out.
3) Order lookup: without entering order id, email was entered. It asked for order id. Suggestion: if email is not found, it should output that the email address is not found or valid or whatever instead of asking for order id.
4) Umm.. I am not sure if you did it on purpose. On the wish list page, it has 'Expiry'. Should be either 'expire' or 'expiration' or whatever...
5) I noticed that almost all pages have Dive Addicts address. Should use the website's standard design by moving it to the page of 'Contact Us'.

I could assist more but I am in Mexico right for Tuna trip. Good luck, Josh!

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