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Re: Panga Importers/Builders

Thanks for the input guys. I kinda figured that importing would be a pain. Probably worth a little more to buy from someone who does this for a living. I am currently living in TN right now so it is a reasonable drive for me to go pick something up from gulf coast region. I hear what you guys are saying about length, but I'm stationed in TN for now so I'm doing quite a bit of trailering any time I want to get to the ocean/gulf. Its minimum 16hr round trip. I think I want to keep it on the smaller side. At some point hopefully I can get settled somewhere closer to the ocean and then I would consider something in the 25-27 range. Right now I have a 19ft BW Outrage and I am pretty happy with the size on that. I figure the 22 panga would be comparable (but lighter). Am I going to regret this? I will price out a few with Chris and see what he can offer. As far as engines, the E-Tec is definitely a good option. I will cross that bridge after I get a good hull. At the rate I get to go out, it would take a decade to get to 1500 hours. I need a light motor with low maintenance requirements and that would be alright sitting for longer periods of time during deployments and such.
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