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Re: Should muslims be banned from entering the USA

"The supreme irony of the 21st century is that people who call themselves "progressives" have allied themselves with a 7th century death cult whose aim is to wipe out every form of human progress." - Dixon Diaz

The Koran is not a religious book. It is a declaration of war against everyone and everything declared to be non-Islamic. Those who follow it know and proclaim this very clearly. The French and most of Western Civilization refuse to believe it, even as the proof of it burns down their cities, rapes their women, and destroys their liberties.

The French rejected the benign and freedom loving Christian religion, and what they get in its place is the brutality and tyranny and oppression of Islam.

The only difference between an extreme Muslim and a moderate one is their disagreement on whether to Islamize your country through terror and violence or through birth rates and politics. They despise your culture, your constitution, and your freedoms, and consider you and infidel to be crushed beneath their feet.

You cannot dance with this snake and not be bitten by it. Crush its head, or it will kill you with its venom. There is no middle ground of cohabitation.
nec timor nec temeritas (neither fear nor foolhardiness.)
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