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Re: Should muslims be banned from entering the USA

Originally Posted by North Star View Post
Those "Christian" charity groups are suicidal, not only inviting their persecutors into the country to persecute them, but to commit criminal acts against the rest of us. All because they are greedy for government cash. They follow the religion of Judas Iscariot.

But if your Mall of America pal suddenly starts taking his religion seriously - which can happen at any time - he could also blow up that mall. Muslims can turn on a dime in a moment from nice to nasty once they start taking the Koran seriously. The problem is, you never know when that is going to happen until it is too late.
Well educated.Most radicals have no sense of reasoning no matter the doctrine they follow.Radicals are the problem.Uneducated,filthy goat humpers with the stinky hand and inbred gennetics.
I have known Musa and his other friends since I was a child.Stayed in Freeport Bahamas and West End at no expense(wouldnt let me spend my money under their hospitality)Bought me a full suit of clothes and let me use his volvo on the Island at age 16When I get to see him he still gives me a big bear hug and kisses my cheek and cries.Ill take my chances with Musa.
Coexist my ass!
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