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Re: Freedive Results


I also thought that the tournament could have been better staffed, better organized and it would have been desirable to have judges on every boat. I also thought that there were some obvious lapses in "security" in association with the landing of the fish on the beach at the end of the tournament and their placement into individual burlap bags. If there was a time to cheat, this was when it might have been attempted.

On the other hand, the event had a limited staff of volunteers and a strong storm with lightening had just passed, so this might have also affected the logistics of their operation. I remember people taking pictures with stringers of fish in the shallow water on the beach (rather than immediately bagging them) and it made me nervous. Not because I thought that they were cheating, but because I was worried that somebody ELSE might bitch about it. Since I personally had such a low score, it had no affect on me, but I honestly think there were many eyes on the people with the big stringers and I saw nothing that made me suspicious of any competitor. There were a lot of eyes on those guys... You know, this ain't the NBA with professional officials getting paid over $100,000 to make sure the game is played right

As for most of your other complaints... blah, blah, blah .. They gave us very nice booklets with photos of fish at one of the meetings before the tournament. I got mine.

As for them not having a ruler at the weigh in, That is untrue. Phil Lamb the director had a solid board with an inlaid ruler on his boat and I PERSONALLY carried it from the boat up to the weigh in table, per his request.

If the scales were not being operated properly, then you should have voiced your opinion there, at a time when your complaints could have been addressed, but not much anyone can do about it now.

As for the tournament officials not checking fishing liscences for each individual or boat registration etc. Who really cares, we were REQUIRED to have it, if you suspected somebody of not following these basic rules than you should have complained, but I really see no reason to bitch about this petty stuff after the fact. Were you hoping that a few DQ's would improve your standings?

Perhaps the biggest disappointment I had with the entire event (after my low score) was the PARADE! Damn I wanted a parade with fire trucks, cheerleaders, giant floats, maybe a few giant hot-air CARP ballons, etc.

Is that why you seem so disappointed, were you looking for something to REALLY accent the importance of a NATIONAL Competition in Arkansas??
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