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Re: Oregon spearfishing

Originally Posted by seylerc View Post

DBS - I'm not sure if I would be more into scuba or freedive in Oregon as I have yet to do any cold water freediving. It seems like there is certainly some strong feelings as far as the ethics of freediving vs SCUBA when diving with spears is concerned or at least there was in Japan with the free divers I spent time with. I guess I will have to see what the local feelings are. I'm also not sure how long I can hold my breath in cold water with a good tidal surge pushing me around

Lots of people scuba spear around here. No problem with it. In horrid vis it is the only way you can do it, and even in better vis some prefer it.
Here is a discussion about it:

And another:

Like Ken said: We are one family. We don't bash each other up here in the PNW.
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