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La Paz World Cup 2014

Its game on for the La Paz World Cup 2014
July 7-13 at Palapas Ventana - more divers more sponsors more prizes more cash - 2500 usd or more -
the prize table is stacking up and this year we will have more sponsored team divers competing than ever -early dates look great for this prematurely warm Baja Spring
Who will take it this year - Florida? Brazil? Australia? California? Mexico?
Thanks to Jerry Guerra of BlueWater Sensations for stepping up to Gold level Sponsor - ALSO Thanks to
John from Ulusub for bangin out a 170 Bandito model tuna gun to donate - Daryl Wong for a custom hybrid gun with La Paz World Cup design -
Ray Powell for some bitchin DIVE R fins on the table -
SPORTUBE - for getting on board with 3 series 2 cases
RIFFE for a giant box of goodies
Neptonics for 500 usd woth of gift certs
BLUETUNA SPEARFISHING for the fins bags and accessories
CRESSI - big prizes and the Cressi Mexico team is coming to win it
Pelagic - killer clothes and gear
Beauchat - awesome gear
BAnks Board - a custom made tuna stopper board
and more signing up daily

come and join our 8th annual LA PAZ WORLD CUP INVITATIONAL SPEARFISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS - cash money, unreal prizes and a great vibe while we donate the fish to raise money to paint and plant trees at our local schools - July 7-13 in BAJA for signups, sponsorship, or info
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