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Re: Any suggestions for new floats, old ones died.

Originally Posted by mikelb View Post
Well, they finally died. I've had these two Aimrite floats for longer than I thought because I finally realized they were not repairable. Last week, I noticed the bigger one of them was leaking so I pulled out the Aquaseal and went to work night after night trying to get it to seal. Eventually, I realized the float was basically leaking all the way around the stitching. And then I pumped up the smaller float and realized the same thing.

Can anyone recommend a replacement float that can be orally inflated/folded? I already have 3ATM Riffe and Rob Allen hard floats. Different floats for different needs, I need something sturdy taking up less room. Thanks, Mike L.
First dive buddy I started diving out with gave me about 90% of his gear to sell since he won't be doing much diving due to wife and kids (mostly his wife).

1- Sporasub float, been in the water only once.
1- Innovative scuba concepts torpedo float with flag, new and still in bag.
I can post pictures maybe later today.
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