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Re: Any suggestions for new floats, old ones died.

Float stackup thread here:

I have the ocean hunter, and like the high durometer of the fabric and ability to change out bladder if it goes during a trip. The ocean hunter is quite a bit lighter than the gannett 100, but performs equivalently when both buoys are past their crush depth (~100 ft). Also have a few of the small RA floats. They work great to slow down fish on the initial descent. The market has changed a bit since I bought my floats. I think now I would consider the Ulusub float. Uses similar dropstitch construction as the gannett at a substantially lower price point ($150 vs. $390). The ocean hunter can be orally inflated. I'm not aware than any of the others I mentioned can. However, you'll never get the performance at depth these floats are designed for without inflating them to their max pressure. Certainly something you can't do by mouth.
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