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Re: Who went out for Hogfish, any thoughts???

Originally Posted by SporaScrub View Post
I tried finding the article and I can't find it but this was the most interesting part.

In remote areas of the Caribbean where there isn't much fishing pressure, Hogfish reach sexual maturity at around 16". Meaning you won't see a male Hogfish anywhere that's under 16".

Here, both Miami and the keys you see a ton of 12" male hogs because they have adapted to mature quickly before there killed. They barely have a chance to reproduce once in there life.

I feel as though they should also raise the size limit for black grouper. They don't sexually mature till around 28". You can tell how there body shape changes. A 24" black is slim like a Mangrove, once they reach sexual maturity there head is wider than the rest of there body.
Hogfish are somewhat unique in this regard. Many other fish are the other way around with females being the larger of the species which is why we see slot limits for fish like snook allowing larger females to survive and breed because they are capable of producing exponentially more eggs. Same for grouper I believe although they change sex throughout their life. Also interesting with hogfish is that they form harems with a single male shepherding a group of females. When you spear the male, one of those females will then become a male - and this can happen when they're still quite small.

Black grouper limits are already fairly tight at 1 per person, I know there are days when I dive here in Miami in the winter when the season is closed and see lots of legal black sized black grouper some even over 30lbs, something I never saw before the regulation changes. Of course come May 1st theyre all off to deeper water to hide
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