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Re: PNW tips thread...

Brilliant idea to tie to the kelp when you have no anchor!

Here is another idea that Beaver reminded me of: When you leave a wife/friend/non diver etc on the boat while you are diving, they need some guidance as to what to do if there is an emergency. So write up procedures to follow in case of various kinds of emergencies on a sheet of paper, laminate it, and tie it to the dash of the boat with a zip tie. Point it out to those who are on the boat, and briefly go over it with them.

In a panic they can read it and know what to do.

When I flew airplanes we has an emergency check list section to refer to for in flight emergencies - here is what to do if you have engine failure, here is what to do if the landing gear will not extend, etc.

Verbal instructions get forgotten, and post it notes can blow away/fall off/get lost, and in a panic people do not think very well. They need a written checklist to do their thinking for them.

Suggested topics: What to do if

1. Anchor slips or the rope breaks.

2. How to use VHF radio to call for help, and what to say when you do.

3. Procedure for starting and moving boat.

4. How to start/use the bilge pump.

5. What to do if the fog rolls in.

6. How to heap praise on the divers when they return with fish.

You get the idea - YOU as Captain know what to do, but guests don't.
Prepare them to be able to help you, when you cannot be there when bad things happen.
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