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Re: PNW tips thread...

Nice Ling, and on your new gun to boot, all while freediving! Good deal!

Pretty sobering experience you had. More than one has died that way. Thank God you were on scuba.

Here is another idea. When diving from a boat where there is current, tie a 300 foot bright colored floating line (like poly) to a boat fender and feed it overboard, letting it stream out in the current until it is all the way out, and then tie the end off to the boat. Use a fender, because it is easy to see (white) and lies low in the water, so it is not affected by the wind.

This trailing line keeps you from having to swim against the current back to the boat, (sometimes impossible to do if the current is strong enough) because you can swim to the line and pull yourself up the line hand over hand back to the boat. Just be sure you don't let yourself get farther than 300 feet from the boat.

A friend of mine couldn't get back to his boat - he wound up drifting in the open ocean until another boat spotted him and came over to pick him up. He would have had to swim perpendicular to the current a mile to shore otherwise.

An additional advantage is other boats stay away from you - they don't want to get their props tangled in the line. Some boats don't respect your dive flag, but they do respect floating line in the water.
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