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Re: why racism towards black people hurts white people (compliant)

South Carolina NAACP chapter president who says he was racially profiled during a traffic stop was accused of lying after police released video footage of the encounter, according to reports.

"Tonight, I was racially profiled by Timmonsville Officer CAUSE I WAS DRIVING A MERCEDES BENZ AND GOING HOME IN A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD," Timmonsville NAACP President Rev. Jerrod Moultrie said

Total LIE! Never happened!
watch the video

Makes you wonder if Everyone who comes into contact with "El Mero28" the racist spammer while wearing a bodycam would produce results that would show what a pathological liar "El Mero28" actually is with his constant unfounded allegations. So much for truth from the NAACP
My guess is El mero28 walks around telling the same lies. El moron is not a diver, never been certified and has never even speared a fish. Consider this a trigger....

That's right, every post from "El Mero28" could be used to fertilize a pasture.
The true divide in America is between taxpayers and those who "game" the system. Everything else is a smokescreen to obscure that reality.

Protecting the US borders is LAWFULL- not racist.
Fabricating lies and passing it off as news is dishonest and corrupt and not worthy of protection.
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