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WC update

Its looking like a repeat of couple of years ago. GR Tarr is showing how its done.
Starting off the first day with 3 fish, 1 being a 95# sailfish!
The first day had good counts of fish, aj, wahoo, rooster, and mixed bag. Second day was very slow, but Tarr managed to find 2 fish anyway.
Day 3 was shaping up, with great counts on wahoo, except some of these guys need to learn how to shoot them 7 wahoo hit the beach, with probably that many lost. Few aj's to 50lbs, milkfish, skipjack, toro, and a whale shark made the cruise thru the divers.
I saw it coming up from deep, thought it was a GWS, and then realized it was not. Kelsey got a ride on it, steered it toward me, and I got a short ride. It was really cool to see that close.
Tomorrow is last day, and will try to post pics asap, now its off to bed.
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