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Re: Port Orford - Albacore Trips?

how deep can you dive? If you can dive deeper, i'd rock a 75' including bungee. Often they are shallow around bait balls so even a 40' plus 10' bungee could work, but sometimes deeper can get you in range. Be sure to have a min 10' bungee added on to absorb 1st hard runs.

but more to the point is how long (range) is your gun? You need something with very high shaft velocity and honest 20' range to hit these fast fish. The best speargun in the world for tuna currently as tested by majdq8 (see youtube) is the 2017 Abellan Albacore 130 model, which at 3 bands, outperforms every 4-6 band gun ever tested on accuracy and punch at 7 meters +.
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