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Re: Moving to Gainesville area

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to give me an in depth perspective on the area and use of a boat there. The location specific detail is really gives me some perspective. I think you all may be right about just being a great crew member for others with proven safety training and courteous habits in regard to diving. It sounds like the boat size I'm looking at won't accomplish much diving in that area.

My current boat is a 14' jon boat with a 9.9 merc. Maybe I'll just hang on to that to explore the swamps/rivers and do some inshore fishing in the intercoastal waterways or near cedar key on a calm day. It looks like there's great inshore fishing there. I suppose I could also swap it out for an 18-20 foot center console like you mentioned--my fiancÚ would be easy to convince if there's water skiing involved
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