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Re: Oregon spearfishing

Hi Oregon Divers, I have been reading this forum and trying to get out free diving in Newport for a couple of years now. I am finally reaching a point where I am worried about SWB of diving alone. I live and matriculate in Corvallis, so I am close to Newport for dive trips. I haven't done a lot of freediving, but I have grown up in the ocean, and certified as a scuba diver at 13 Years old. Please hit me up if you need a dive buddy, I would love the opportunity to learn from some local divers! I am comfortable in the water although not very experienced. Today I broke 4:30 with a breath hold for my first time! I am interested in finding someone who will spear as well as harvest crabs and eventually scallops. I would love to do some blue water or reef freediving, but it sounds like it's pretty hard to get boats to take us out?

I look forward to any responses! I think that I am heading to N cal over the winter break for some abs, so hit me up if you will be in that area as well.
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