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Re: Oregon spearfishing

Well you wouldn't believe this but after living in Oregon for 28 years (minus Marine Corp time) I moved to Gulf shores Alabama!!! Random but the diving is BAD ASS!!! I miss all of my dedicated cold water spearmen but I can say I dont love spearfishing here! Hit me up if you ever make it to Pensacola Gulf shores area. As for finding a local dive group I will recommend to people in particular. They both Scuba where as I prefer to free dive so I am not sure what you are into. One is Barry Schaffer, he owns Scuba RX in Gladstone. He is tied up in school and is shop is second priority but he is awesome as hell and has a ton of dive experience. The second individual is knowledgeable about diving Barview jetty and would love to meet someone now that I am gone. PM me for his contact. I must say, I dont miss my 7mm wetsuit! I will suppose I will change my Icon picture now. There are now Lingcod here, though I miss eating them!
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