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Re: Alaska (Anchorage) Spearfishing Partners

Ive got all the gear and ready to go whenever if anyone else has a trip planned or wants to plan one.

I tried out of Whittier last summer but the vis was terrible. Definitely the toughest diving Ive done. It was like looking through a soup of plankton and tiny jellyfish, along with tons of weight, a ridiculously thick wetsuit and wool socks cause I cant fit a decently thick bootie in my fins! Regardless I'm interested if anyone else has the motivation as well.

When I go out next Im headed to Seward. Just need good vis but I am unsure on how to predict it. Im thinking weak tides, minimal swell and far away from any glacial fed streams and it should be alright. This was not the case in Prince William Sound though... If anyone has any ideas let me know
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